Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Days go by...

Wow!! I have been slacking in the blog department recently!! I have been so busy with life in general that this obviously temporarily fell to the wayside. So... my precious Aydan turned 2 years old on February 28th!!!

woooow!! It's crazy how time flies by!! I would not change this for the world though!! The greatest achievement a woman can have is having her own wonderful family!! I feel so blessed and fulfilled, other people may be worried about all this other random crap that won't matter in the long run, but it all boils down to love and family! Who cares what you do during the day or what fancy things you own? If you don't have happiness and love around you, that stuff is just pointless.
In other news, last month and the beginning of this month was like snowpocalypse 2010 in the hampton roads area.  It snowed 3 weekends in a row.  My dog Ginger was loving it obviously, as you can see from the picture!!  I got over it quick, I was super excited the first time it snowed, and then I was like, okay, I have seen my fill, and I am over it now haha!!  Thankfully, I think that is over soon and the first day of spring is rapidly approaching..... and so is...
OUR MOVE to our own home! Yes, we are uber excited!!  Next Saturday is the big day!!  We have almost everything packed but the everyday things that we use that we will pack up next Friday.  Thank goodness Amerigroup has flex time!!  I started my flex time last week and now I have been working 7am-330pm and it is great!! I still feel like I have time to enjoy my day when I get off!!

Also, I have been having crazy baby fever the past two weeks, I dunno why, I guess its because almost EVERYONE I know is either preggo or recently just had their babies.  I am waiting at least another year and a half though, if I can hold out that long haha!  Preganancy is an awesome and humbling experiece, I love it!! I love that God picked the woman to be blessed with such an experiece!!

Friday, February 19, 2010

weekly wrap up

So, I am still getting used to working again. Surprisingly I have only broken down twice from missing Aydan like crazy. I know that may sound pathetic, but when I was sooo used to being around him all the time and now not as much, its a little bit of an adjustment. But I have to keep telling myself that this is all for the better!!
On the other tangent of the work front, I have know for a looong while I have a little bit of hyperactivity issues, but it is showing more prominantly at work now. It's extremely hard for me to sit for a long while! I start bouncing my legs and tapping my fingers like crazy, and I don't even realize it, someone at work pointed it out to me. Uh oh. So when I get my insurance in May I am definately gonna talk to the doc about it and maybe I need to go on meds again or something. Ugh. Damn ADHD.
I am sooo glad another week has quickly passed though!! I live for the weekends now! And the move in date is only four weeks away from tomorrow!! Yay!! I am soo excited for Aydan to be able to run around and frolic at his leisure!! He is going to be 2 next sunday!! wow!! how the time has flown by! It's crazy!! I would not trade this for anything! I love being a mom!!

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Life since graduating college

So this is my first in hopefully a long life of a blog. Ever since I graduated from ODU in December, I have had a writing void I so badly wanted to fill. Micro blogging on facebook and twitter is not the same.
So what's been new for me since my tenure at ODU ended in December, well, a lot actually.....

I had been furiously applying for jobs since early fall because I know that the economy is a total succubus right now. My goal was to have a job before I graduated December 19th. That, unfortunately did not happen. So I had planned a Florida vacay the week after Christmas with my family to visit my sissy down in Tampa, FL. The first few days down there I was a bit stressed about the job situation since there would be so many uncertainties when I returned to normality in VA. But, that soon changed. I had two people call me while I was down in FL that week to set up interviews the first week of January. One was 100% in my field (Communications) and the other was not, but I had previous experience in that field (Healthcare). So, as crazy as it sounds in this tight job market, I was offered both jobs. I pride myself on interviewing and presenting myself extremely well! But I ended up choosing the position at Amerigroup (although it was not in my field of interest) because: <1> The hours were much better for my family situation vs the varying crazy late hours and weekends of the other position and <2> the other place was notorious for lay offs, and I do not think I would have been able to handle that. So I have been working at Amerigroup since January 18th, 2010 as a Document Management Specialist III. A really fancy name, much fancier than what the job entails. I have a pretty big cubicle, and I had adapted to the job decently and I am overall happy with the growth opportunity that the job offers me, and the chance to move out of the area to one of our many offices across this great country of ours.
The week before I started working at Amerigroup, I furiously started looking for apartments, since I now knew what me and my love would be making combined, I could narrow down my choices. I knew that I would want to live in Virginia Beach since I would be working out there, and I love the area the best out of the seven cities. For the longest time, I had my heart set on Dominion Waterside @ Lynnhaven since one of my friends lived there a few years ago, but when I arrived at the premises, they have definitely gone downhill. I also checked out Woodshire Apartments and Mariner's Cove. I really was not feeling the gas stoves at either place, also I really did not like the layout of Woodshire and then at Mariners' Cove the office stay was super snooty, and I don't deal well with that!! So I was stuck. Pissed to the max, and me and Aydan stopped at Wawa for a hoagie and refreshments. I randomly grabbed a apartment guide as I walked out and sat int he car and looked through it to see if I had missed anything. There it was: Marina Shores. I had never even heard of it, but it said it was merely a short walk from Chix Beach so I got excited because I know Andrew loves the beach and so do I. It seemed a little farther out than I liked but I thought if I liked it, it would be well worth it. And yes it was, I fell in love with the area!! And the layout of the apartment was amazing and they take large dogs!! And that was a major deal breaker for me because we have Ginger, a cute 70-ish lb boxer that is the sweetest pup ever. So anyhoo, we move in on March 20th! Super stoked!! Finally, after staying with the in laws for three years, we will be on our own, and I cannot wait. See below for a pic of the complex and also a pic of my floor plan, I have the optional loft and fireplace yay!!

I love the freedom of not being in school anymore, I was far too stressed out all the time and it was not good and I laugh at it now. I enjoy every moment with my husband and son now, they are the most important things to me and always will be.